Earth building is old as the human settlement history. Different kind of clay deposits, as well as different climatic and social demands led to various kinds of building techniques worldwide. The advantages are evident. Clay is nearly everywhere available and easy to work with. It is able to regulate air humidity excellently. From an energetic point of view, local earth building technics are almost unbeatable.

Around 40-50% of the world population life in earth built houses. However the most of them can be found in development, or emerging countries – earth building experiences a huge increased interest. Aspects like sustainability, local economy and its physical and esthetical properties convince planner as well as clients. New modern developments try to make it more efficient and affordable and therefore more competitive in the building market.


Clay plaster is at first sight a simple and easy to learn technique. A wide range of different techniques, qualities and design possibilities make to an enormous field of application and development. It can be produced by oneself or bought dry in sacks. In the workshop different kind processing and finishing methods will be shown.



A crumbly and moist mixture of clay and gravel are inserted in a formwork and condensed layer by layer. The high part of gravel makes the supporting structure, the clay is the binding element of it. Rammed earth is one of the few earth building techniques which can be load-bearing and under consideration certain constructive principles can be exposed to the weather. Being one of the most durable and heavy earth building techniques, this requires much knowledge and effort from formwork, mixture and compression. Rammed earth floors make on special part of the rammed earth technique. A small sample will be done in the workshop.


Tadelakt is a historical, Moroccan lime plaster. Through high density processing it gains water resistance and a very hard surface. The treatment with a soap results in a water proved surface, which can be used even in baths or every other water burdened surfaces.