Two-week rammed earth workshop.
EARTHWORK 2018 will focuse on the rammed earth building technic.  Within this practice-based and theoretical-accomplished course you will be trained in all general principles while building a small teahouse including an integrated niche (vault) and an oven. Next to our building-project you will have the chance to learn and experiment in a small scale.


When               Mo 13th - Sa 25th August 2018
Nenzing,  Vorarlberg/Austria
Participation fee € 900,-
                               (incl. all lessons and daily lunch)
                               Accomondation 14 nights € 420,-
Thu 31th May 2018



+ concepts of rammed earth building

+ material knowledge

+ formwork technique

+ building site organisation

+ material conform detailing

+ building weathered rammed earth walls
+ building rammed earth floors
+ buidling rammed earth vaults
+ building a integrated oven
+ buidling in connection with conventional buidling technics


After welcoming and introducing all particpants with each other, the place and the course organisation, we will use the first day for a basic theoretical introduction in earth building with focus on rammed earth.  Followed by mixing our own material and ramming  your first samples, you will have an instructive overview about the topic.

The regular workshop day starts at 9 am and will finish offically at 6 pm. While building up together the teahouse respectively experimenting in a laboratory on your own, you will get an extensive learning experience in building with rammed earth.


Number of participants
To ensure everyone gets an appropriate study and working place, the number of participants is limited to 15 people in total.

Accommodation and life costs
For all participants we offer a reasonable accomondation for 14 nights in the village of Nenzing.  You can book additionally to the workshop your accomondation in two appartments (mainly double bed rooms), within a 10 min footwalk from our workshop place. Breakfast is not included. The participation fee includes daily lunch. Dinner is not included.



The program is accomplished by guest lectures, peer lectures as well as one day for an excursion, to visit featured projects in the region.


At Saturday, the 18th August, we will take one day to have an excursion to different earth and wood architecture in the region. Costs (incl.  transport, entry, lunch) are included in the participation fee.

Arrival and Departure

Travelling to and from Vorarlberg is to be organized and paid individually.  Arrival day is the 12th August, departure day the 26th August. You will be free to use the accomondation from Sunday to Sunday. The workshop program starts at Monday, the 13th August and ends with a farewell party at Saturday 25th August in the evening.


We cannot support or take responsibility for your entry visa. Refunding of already paid participation fees is not possible.



1. Deposite payment, 50% of application fee                 (€450,-) and accommodation (€ 210,-);

payable until 11.07.2018

2. Final payment 50 %;  payable until 25.07.2018

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